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Attention Registered Users

Thank you for being a loyal Intellicast customer! We currently provide two services that require the creation of a user account in our systems. These services are iNav and the Daily Forecast Emails. We have determined that the functionality of these services do not require a persistent account in our systems. Effective immediately, we will be deleting all user accounts from our system and making the following changes to the services that previously required them:

The iNav bookmarking system was created before browsers provided a simple and easy way for users to bookmark their favorite pages. Now that all browsers support this functionality, we have decided to retire this service. Please bookmark the pages that you previously stored in iNav and use your browser's functionality to quickly navigate to these pages.

Daily Emails
We know that our users value the forecast information they receive via email every morning. We will continue to provide this service to our users, but will be making the following changes to how you sign up for the service. You will no longer need to create an account to use this service. Instead, you can simply provide the email address that you wish the emails to be sent to. To unsubscribe from the service, you can follow the "Unsubscribe" link in any of the emails that you receive or send us a letter to the address listed in the emails.